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Welcome to Impact Coaching where we journey with you to create an impact in your life, your career or business and the world.

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“Anyone can make an impression but let us help you to make an impact” – Kara

Discover Your Potential

Everyone has a unique gift or passion that is waiting to be discovered. At impact coaching we take you on a journey towards living a more fulfilled life.

Impact loves Diversity

We have a wide range of offerings to create impact in different areas of your life or career.

What Our Clients Say…

“I knew my first session would have been an excellent one because Kara is filled with positivity. At first, I found it difficult to give responses to some questions asked because I lacked self awareness, which I have found out to be very important in living a fulfilled life. However, Kara, as professional and as patient as she could be, reassured me to take my time, and even found ways to obtain information for those questions which I could not provide a response. I am glad that I have decided to participate in the program. Thus far, Kara has helped me identify attributes about myself that I have been struggling to identify for quite sometime, and I ended my session feeling confident. I am looking forward to my next session, and everything else the program has to offer.”

D. Mayers, Barbados


We are super excited to walk this journey with you.

Goal Setting Session

This 60-minute power session will get you on the journey to goal achievement.

Business Impact Session

Have a business and want to revamp or expand? Book your business impact session

Group Coaching

A group that dreams and plans together is destined for greatness. We can show you how. (Min. 5 persons)

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