About Me

Kara Boyce


As a Human Resources and Talent Management Professioanal, I have a passion for business and understand the role keen  HR/Labour relations can play in supporting business transformation and  sustainability.  

I hold a MSC in Labour and Employment Relations from the University of the  West Indies and a BA in Psychology with (Hons.) I am also a certified Change  Management specialist with the International Institute for Learning, a Senior  Certified Professional Coach with Coach Transformation Academy, as well as a  Certified Leadership Development & Succession Strategist with the Human  Capital Institute. As a part of my continued commitment to adding value to the business  arena and my clients, I further pursued an Executive MBA in General Management.  

In my professional career thus far, I was able to add value to the labour and  relations landscape through my last role as Labour Management Advisor at the  Barbados Employers’ Confederation providing sound representation to over 80  companies within the private sector. I have also facilitated targeted training to over 10,000 employees during this period.

I have served on numerous national and regional committees including the C144 Committee established by the Ministry of Labour to consult on matters  related to International Labour Standards. I am a contributor to the employers’ column in the Business Authority and served the HR arena in my past role as Committee Lead for the Labour Management & Industrial  Relations Committee of the Human Resource Management Association of  Barbados (HRMAB). I believe in transferring my  knowledge to others and helping them to live more fulfilling lives.

I love to read, write, sing and am an avid foodie. Most importantly, I love people. Also, I am a goal crusher so I get in my Netflix and chill when the rest of the world is sleeping (or at least those in my time zone). I hope you love it here. Let’s journey and impact together!